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Crystal Springs has been nothing but great to us. The apartments are spacious, neighbors are friendly, and located in a very convenient area.
The ladies at the office are helpful and understanding, the area or kept up with landscaping and snow removal, although Jonas 2016 blizzard hasn’t been very kind to us!
Due to such service and quality of the apartments we will be staying here for the next several years to come. I have not experienced any pest issues, no pipe issues, and no electrical issues either. The parking is enough for everyone as well. The amenities are clean and re-done. Couldn’t have chosen a better place in the Silver Spring / Aspen Hill area.

— Joheidi Marie Medina,

I moved in a month and a half ago, with my roommate and my husband. And the first thing that attracted us to this particular apartment complex was the pool, and the cleanliness of the grounds. My husband and I do not have excellent credit but they worked with us and got us approved. Upon move-in there was a few minor things on the check in list that required fixing. A maintenance crew showed up several hours after I call to fix the problems. I am used to waiting days if not a week, so this was a pleasant surprise! 🙂
After being here for a month and a half, my husband, my roommate, and I are extremely happy. We have a great apartment, for a fair price, friendly office staff, and timely maintenance work being done. The pool is wonderful, I enjoy it often. And I having so much private parking options which is great since I come home late from work. All in all I would say this apartment complex is definitely a great place to live and even raise a family!

— Victoria O.

I have lived here over a year and I must say that this is one of the best apartments complex I have ever lived, they Property Manager Stephanie is a hidden gem, she is also backed up by an Awesome Assistant Property manager Gina Marie. OH an lets not forget the whole staff like Anna, Michelle, Gabby, Yin, Aung and my main man Mr. Joe. If you are looking for huge space convenience and clean property this is the place, oh when you call for maintenance they are on the job. Thank you for being who you are, more than just a business but a family that cares.

— Lashawn Tyler,